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Fire Season is Coming

4/7/2022 (Permalink)

Burnt Stove Damaged stove which was the source of how this house fire occurred

Fire Season is just a few months away.  As the weather in the Bay Area becomes warmer and drier, the chances of a home fire increases as well.  It’s important to do a good preventative check around the house, to remove broken appliances, correct outlets with too much plugged in, and worn down wires.  Even with such preventative measures, if a home fire begins, you must act quickly, calmly, and safely as best as you can.

If a Fire Starts:

  • Use a fire extinguisher. Practicing with your family on the proper use of one ahead of time could make a huge difference, in saving lives, damage to the home, and money.
  • If the fire catches on your person (clothes, etc.) STOP, DROP, AND ROLL.
  • If the fire is uncontrollable, get out of the house immediately, and call 9-1-1. Do not go back to gather any belongings.
  • Important to use stairs, not an elevator, during a fire. A fire can cause the electricity to go out in a building.  The elevator quarry can fill up quickly with smoke.
  • Do not open any doors that are warm to the touch. What’s on the other side could be a matter of life or death.
  • If stuck near a window where you can’t safely escape, open it up, wave the brightest, most colorful cloth you can get your hands on, or a flashlight, as a signal for help.
  • If you are trapped inside, close doors around you, placing wet towels at the bottom of the door, call 9-1-1, and tell the operator where you are located.

After the Fire

After a fire, it’s crucial that you contact SERVPRO OF SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO/ SAN BRUNO, the professional fire damage restoration company in your area.  Don’t try cleaning up the damage on your own, because you could make things worse.  We are highly trained, fully equipped, and ready to properly restore your home - "Like it never even happened."

Trust the experts, call/text us today at 650-794-1000 or 650-794-1001, or email us at

After the Rainy Days, what could come next?

12/7/2021 (Permalink)

mushroom mold SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno is ready to assist with your after-storm needs, so YOU DON’T have to deal with issues like severe mold.

We here at SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno are very coherent of Mother Nature’s pattern when storms come and go in the Bay Area.  After a big storm, in as little as a day to a week, mold can start growing in places you least expect it.  Within this time period, we receive calls from hundreds of customers in need of remediation, many for mold.  It’s great that these customers are taking action to have preventative work performed on their home or commercial spaces.

If you have had water loss after a storm, in an attic, closet, crawlspace, or anywhere on your property, you should understand that mold has the potential to spore shortly after, and spread quickly.  Rainwater has a way to seep and sit in a structure in places least expected, by means of a damaged roof, pipe leak, crack of a wall, or deteriorated sill.  This can then breed the beginnings of mildew/mold on the exterior and/or interior of a building.  This is why it is crucial, once the loss has been identified, to have the source repaired, and begin remediation as soon as possible.  If not, you become susceptible to problems like the ones pictured to the right.  If there is a sighting of growth, the likelihood of mold behind the layers of flooring/ceiling/wall is very prevalent.  Take action now before it is too late!

Call SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno at 650-794-1000 for more information.  We will assist and lead you in the right direction!

Wet Carpets? No Problem!

12/7/2021 (Permalink)

wet and dry carpet Water mitigation to wet slushy carpets affected by water loss; a few days of Airmovers & Dehumidifier (Dehu) placement, carpets dried back into place.

Imagine this:  After a long busy work week, it’s Friday, and all you want to do is get home, get comfy, and put your feet up for the rest of the night.  Problem is, the minute you take your shoes off at the front door, you step into WET CARPET!  Your socks are soaked, it’s cold, and your weekend has just begun, but not the way you hoped.  What do you do?

Simple!  Call SERVPRO OF SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO/ SAN BRUNO at 650-794-1000 for your next steps!  Whether it is from a storm back up, or an overflowing faucet that a family member may have forgotten to turn off, water losses are unexpected, and an inconvenience.  First thing first is to identify the source that caused the loss, to prevent more loss to occur.  Please note:  There are safety precautions to take while looking for the source.  Electricity and water are a dangerous combination if (unfortunately) found located together.  Call 9-1-1 ASAP if this is the situation.

If you have questions or require services, call SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno at 650-794-1000.

Our highly trained, professional staff will: 

  • Determine the extent of the water damage;
  • Provide steps and a plan for drying;
  • Use highly-technological equipment to correctly mitigate the water for extraction; and
  • Restore your property, “Like it never even happened."

What is Mitigation for your Business?

12/6/2021 (Permalink)

Commercial water loss Give us a call today at 650-794-1000, to help get your home or business up and running, “Like it never even happened.”

When the unexpected storm hits, SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno is here to help.  Backed up drains, flooding, or even a broken water pipe, all of these losses can cause serious problems down the line.  Our highly trained team works remedy the problem quickly, with minimum interruption to your company’s day to day function.  The important thing to do once water loss is discovered is to mitigate immediately.

What is Mitigation?

  • Mitigation alleviates the difficulty, resoluteness, and additional probability of damage to your property.

Why Mitigation? 

  • Allows quicker recovery from the unfortunate event;
  • Decreases financial burden that can incur; and
  • Reduces loss, enabling your business to save on restoration costs and time.

What If I don’t Mitigate?  You can:

  • Be further inconvenienced by business interruption;
  • Increase the potential for mold growth;
  • Lose special effects and meaningful possessions; and
  • Increase your debt in unplanned expenses due to the water loss.

After a commercial water loss, what do I do?

11/17/2021 (Permalink)

commercial water cleanup We answer your call or text ready to assist 650-794-1000.

As a business owner, unexpected events such as water damage can throw a wrench in your day-to-day operation.  If you are experiencing a flood, leak, backup or other form of water loss, call SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno to the rescue.  Commercial properties need immediate attention, no matter how great or small the size of your property is.  We accommodate your needs as best as possible, so you can be back to normal as soon as possible, "Like it never even happened."

Who We Are

SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno dedicates our work in the cleaning and remediation of commercial and residential properties after a water loss.  Our team is especially skilled in property damage restoration.  Our training begins initially with SERVPRO’s corporate instruction, and continues with ongoing IICRC-industry certification.  Trust that your property will be well taken care of by our knowledgeable and well-equipped staff.

Hurry before the Storms return!

11/15/2021 (Permalink)

storm waters SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno can assist with water damage caused by blocked drains and the rain!

One of greatest attractions to the San Francisco Bay Area is our weather.  Especially in South San Francisco/San Bruno area, Mother Nature plays a great part in the beauty of our community.  Our late summers in the fall months often times dictate how much rain we’ll get during the fall and winter.  This year, Summer was cut short, with the first downpour in late October, flooding streets, homes, and other structures in our area.  Before the next storm arrives, practice prevention from water damage by checking all of these key areas of your property:

  • The Roof;
  • Light Wells; and
  • Gutters.

In addition, storm drains along the exterior of your structure need to be cleared of debris, leaves, branches and other materials that can block ways for water to escape.  Note that the best times to check these areas are the months right before expected rain arrives.!

Questions?  Call or text SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno at 650-794-1000 for your water damage remediation inquiries.

Planning in Case of Fire

11/15/2021 (Permalink)

fire damage collage SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno specializes in Fire and Water Damage Restoration.

It’s important to stay as calm as possible when a fire starts in your home.  Panicking frantically only wastes time from putting it out, and making sure your family is out safely.  Timing is everything, especially when a fire starts in your home.  Practice safety procedures, as well as discuss the following topics with your loved ones, so that everyone is informed of what to do in case the unfortunate happens:

  • For small Pan Fires- Cover them with Lids;
  • For Oven/ Microwave Fires - Turn Off Appliance;
  • For Grease Fires-Apply Baking Soda or Salt.  DO NOT USE WATER OR FLOUR TO PUT OUT!  This may help spread the fire further.
  • Know how to Point and Use a Fire Extinguisher safely;
  • Call 9-1-1 Immediately;
  • If uncontrollable, yell, "FIRE!" and get out as soon as possible;
  • Use Stairs, Leaving through Doors, Windows or Fire Escapes safely, and quickly;
  • Remain low if you must move through Heavy Smoke, closing doors behind you as you pass through them;
  • Leave your things and Save Yourself, Family and Others;
  • Do not open doors that are Warm or Hot to the Touch, flames may be on the other side that you can’t get through;
  • If Trapped, Stay in the Room with the Door Closed, placing a Wet Towel under the Door;
  • To help with breathing, protect your mouth and nose with a Wet Towel.

Call or Text  SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno with questions on Fire Loss and Damage Restoration at 650-794-1000. We are here for you.

After the Fire, Who’s going to Help Clean Up?

11/9/2021 (Permalink)

fire clean up After this Property Fire, SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno removed all the context inside, working with the owner to separate, throwaway

Just been through a fire?  Is your place in disarray, covered in soot and debris everywhere?  Feeling overwhelmed of where to begin?  SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno can help!

When called for Fire Damage Clean Up, SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno scours the entire structure of Soot and Debris left behind.  Floors, Ceilings, Windows, Doors and Walls are just the beginning of what we clean of the property structure.  We are also able to clean up salvageable content within the house – Sofas, dining and living room furniture, to small and large appliances.  All of this cleanup calls for expert methods in order for them to return to their normal state, "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno are the leading professionals when it comes to Asset Cleaning of Fire, Soot and Smoke.  We take the necessary steps to suitably deodorize and cleanse your property and its contents.

Call or Text Us Now at 650-794-1000 for more Information on Fire Damage Clean Up!

Having Toilet Problems?

11/5/2021 (Permalink)

overflow bathroom This Commercial Property had a backed up toilet overflow into the office. When the unexpected happens, we are here to help!

Leaks or overflow onto your workspace floors is a terrible way to walk into work.  It gets more interesting when you learn that the source is from a malfunctioned TOILET!  Even worse is finding out the cause of why it overflowed.  When a broken toilet is discovered, the major issue that could happen is shutting down your whole operation, depending on the damages found.

Some think that mopping up the water and drying out the floor is the solution.  Though it may be a quick clean-up, there are preventative tasks that can contribute to keeping a “healthy toilet” functioning well.

Check the Wax Ring at the Base of the Chamber Port - Water can emerge at the base of your toilet if the wax seal of the toilet and the floor are not secure.

Check the Toilet Flange – Located on top of the floor, but inside of the toilet base, sometimes the flange can be loose, or even chipped or broken.

Check the Supply Tube – Make sure that this tube is dry on the outside.  If wet, a loose coupling nut or other connection may need to be replaced.

If any of these problems occur, call or text SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno at 650-794-1000 as soon as possible.  Our very experienced and well-trained staff specialize in water damage remediation.  They are ready to get your bathroom back to working order, "Like it never even happened."

What is a Dehumidifier?

11/4/2021 (Permalink)

dehus Paired with Air Movers, our Dehus withstand many mitigation projects.

Dehumidifiers (Dehus) are electronic appliances used to remove moisture, from the air, walls, floors, etc..  They serve greatly in our line of business, especially when we are performing services to remove water.  They do this by increasing the temperature in an affected space, allowing for a speedier drying process.

This advanced drying equipment stabilizes humidity, vaporizing water in the air and materials affected.  Dehus take in moisture, and in turn, put out dry air, eventually ventilating the room and/or space surrounding them.

Dehumidifiers, paired with Air Movers, work very well together in drying out an affected area.  They should run overnight, undisturbed, for at least 24 hours, to up to several days, depending on the size of the affected area.

If you have questions about moisture problem areas in your home or office, call or text SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno at 650-794-1000!